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General conditions.

To use all possibilities of Internet portal you should register as the high-grade user.Registration is free and will take less than a minute. By registration you confirm that you agree with conditions of using of an Internet portal. Internet portal creators reserve the right to change the Terms of Use of the portal at any time.Your further usage of a portal is possible only at the conset with these conditions. The information given on this internet portal could be used only for informative purposes. is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the given information. We also don`t incur responsibility for those parts of the content, which reliability is confirmed by nothing.Internet portal contains links to other  sites supported by the third parties. Such sites are out of our control and we are not responsible for the content of sites and links presented on this Internet portal. We are not responsible for copyrights of any site the link on which is given on

User rights and responsibilities.

Agreeing with the real conditions of using, the User confirms that he is completely capable full age person, which doesn`t have legal obstacles for contracts conclusion and their performance. Getting user status by a person under 18 years or with the limited capacity assumes the preliminary consent of the legal representative or the trustee of the indicated person. Granting announcements, photos and texts, should transmit only proper and correct data. User should not transmit the erroneous or inexact data. User is not permitted to publish in one announcement information about several objects. User announcement will be published on Internet portal after receipt of payment for corresponding service.User agrees immediately to inform Administrator by e-mail if data transmitted by the User, after publication on an Internet portal became inexact, incorrect or illegal. Users conclude bargains without interference of the Administrator. Also Users bear responsibility for all indicated concluded bargains and their performance. User agrees to ensure that files entered to the Web-site and letters sent by e-mail do not contain computer viruses or other computer programs or files that can harm, or otherwise break or can break normal operation of an Internet portal. The user has to inform immediately the Administrator by e-mail in case the user name and password produced by the Administrator has got at the disposal of the third parties. User agrees to pay for services rendered to him according to the price list. Users agrees to inform immediately by e-mail in case if his contact information, given at registration, has changed.

Administrator rights and responsibilities.

Administrator has the right to make unilaterally changes in price list in conformity with development of services. About changes in price list or usage terms each User separately does not inform.Administrator has the right to control advertisements, texts and photos sent to Internet portal. And also to delete such messages which contain the inexact or erratic data which publication would be an offence or at which publication the User has otherwise violated the present conditions of using. Administrator has the right to delete advertisement, to pause account access for a while or close the account for people, who do not fulfill the present conditions of using. Administrator inform about limited User rights. The removal of limitations solves by negotiations.

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