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Рыбонасос EUSKAN VS - 300 Рыбонасос EUSKAN VS - 300
12.08.2018 09:00
Peipus OÜ, Denmark
Equipment for a fish flour Equipment for a fish flour
31.01.2018 06:00
Tehno-T, Ukraine
Plant of Techno-T produces and offers for purchase of the machine fish meal plants and Giraud flour: MRH-5 (with the capacity of 2-5 tons/day), MRH-10 (5-10 t/C), MRH-35 (30-35 m/s), MRH-60 (up to 60 t/C), MRH-80 (80 t/C), MRH-120 (up to 120 t/) and more . Machine Giraud flour and fish meal plants are designed for the production of feed fish or meat and bone meal and technical fat from fish waste, low-value fish species, waste meat, rabbit farms, poultry farms, pig farms and other meat production on food flour. All fish meal flour and fat equipment collected one unit machine, occupying an area of placement. High performance is achieved maximum drainage boiled mass, which provides low load on the dryer to reduce its size and consumption of steam and electricity. All control functions are collected on one remote control. Machine is served by one person or two people. Possible physical performance. Cost of plants from 84000 dollars.
Machine for a fish flour, IZHR, Machine for a fish flour, IZHR,
20.06.2017 08:00
Tehno-T, Ukraine
Setting: Setting of URM-30 is a complex of technological equipment on the production of feedmeal from wastes bird, meat (boinskikh wastes, subproduktov) productions, from the malocennykh breeds of finfishess, fish wastes, by the productivity from 30-35 tons in the days of raw material, with possibility of equipment an equipment for the production of technical I/ili food cod-liver oil. Setting executes the followings technological operations: – growing of raw material shallow, – the dosed serve of raw material is in varil'nik, – cooking of raw material,


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